Your trees can be both healthy and well-shaped

Trimming your trees improves their appearance and can lead young trees to grow into a good shape, which makes taking care of them easier. However, reckless trimming can also damage trees. Make sure to call our seasoned professionals to keep your trees beautiful without harming them.

Tree Trimming Lawrence, KS

Every cut counts

Every cut you make in a tree has the potential to change its future shape and health. Younger trees need a different kind of trimming than mature ones, and we know how to handle both.

We have what you need

Choose the company that has what you need for your job. We have the equipment to help us handle any tree care situation, including a turf-friendly bucket lift that can fit through a 4 ft. gate, bracing equipment for trees that have fallen on houses, and a 70 ft. bucket and crane.

Total tree care

We know trees inside and out. That’s why you can turn to us for all of your tree service needs, from tree cabling to stump removal. We have everything you want in your contractor: the equipment, the experience, and the excellent reputation from our many satisfied customers.


We keep all of our services competitively priced. Contact us today for a free estimate on tree service in the Lawrence, KS area.