Get rid of those unsightly stumps

If you need a tree removed from your property for any reason, you probably don’t want to leave the stump there. Your lawn doesn’t need to be studded with stumps that ruin your intended landscaping and distract the eye. We can help.

Stump Removal Lawrence, KS

Many tree service companies don’t remove stumps

There are plenty of tree service companies without the experience or the equipment to take care of the stump their tree removal leaves behind. Our experts can take care of tree and stump removal.

Fully equipped to handle stumps

When you call us, you get competitively priced service and a team with the equipment and experience you need for your project. We grind down stumps 6-8 inches below grade, rake up the debris afterward, and leave a nice finish when we leave.

We leave your yard in good shape

You never have to worry about being left with a yard that’s been ruined by your tree service. We’re always careful with your property and when the job is done, we take extra care to clean up after ourselves. Call us today to find out what we can do for you.


We keep all of our services competitively priced. Contact us today for a free estimate on tree service in the Lawrence, KS area.